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Olympic Lifting is not the best way to improve Sprint Speed or Jump Height

PreGame Fitness is about speed, power and sports specific strength. We will continue to get superior results because we don't waste time with inferior methods to develop the target goal. If you wonder why you don't see Olympic lifts on our social media it's because when it comes to developing athleticism it's not the best method. Unfortunately for too many trainers and coaches Olympic weightlifting has become a staple in their programs to the detriment of the athlete. Below is an awesome info graph that gives a scientific visual of what PreGame accomplishes through our training modalities. We will continue to research, educate and provide the best methods available to our athletes to ensure success.

According to the info graph provide by Strength & Research it shows that Olympic weightlifting is less effective than squats and loaded jump squats for improving athletic performance in Sprinting and Jumping. #pregamefitness #onestepahead #scholarshipU

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