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On this page you find our service's package and pricing information.



  All programs are focused and tailored to the specific needs of the individuals.


Price: 1 person $60 for a 60 minute session / 2 people $30 each.




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PreGame Fitness specializes in sports performance. This option can be for an individual, small group, or team. The sports performance program is dynamic, intense, and gets results. In this program we focus on one thing: to build athleticism in the athlete. We do so by using various speed, agility, and plyometric drills as well as teaching correct movement patterns so the athlete can run and jump more efficiently while decreasing the risk of injury. Some aspects of this program will be.



- Dynamic Flexibility               - Change of Direction

- Sprinting Mechanics             - Core Control

- Starting Technique              - Muscular Balance

- First Step Quickness            - Jumping/Landing Mechanics

- Acceleration/Deceleration    - Functional Strength

- Rythym and Timing           



Strength, Speed and Conditioning - All sports


Membership:  $120 Monthly for 2x weekly or $75 1x weekly


Drop in: $20


Class Times: Tuesday - Thursday 6:30pm

Schedule your own small group! contact for details


Call 406-624-9398 for more information


             TEAMS / CLUBS


PreGame Fitness will provide speed and agility training for your team.






Call 406-624-9398 for more information

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