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PreGame Football Club


The ultimate goal of the PreGame Football Club (PFC) is to provide a safe, fun, and positive environment to teach the fundamentals of passing, route running and coverage skills.

The snowy climate during the winter months in Montana and lack of inside facilities hampers athletic development. Typically, once the football season finishes in November kids don’t pick up a football until again until late Spring when the snow clears. That wasted time sets the athlete back significantly. Six months out of the year while Montana kids are idle, other kids around the country, are expanding their football knowledge and building valuable skills. While they are participating in year round football programs, our athletes are falling further and further behind.


If your athlete wants to go to the next level, they must train and compete year round. PFC utilizes the expertise of Josh Lewis, a professional trainer and past, pro and collegiate athlete to help your athlete reach their athletic goals. PFC gives Montana athletes the chance to train and compete year round.

Benefits of the Program


1. Exposure


Coaches watch game tape and evaluate players from passing league tournaments when making decisions about offering scholarships. Recruiting services also rate players based on performance from game film from passing leagues around the country. PFC will field a team and compete in these tournaments.



2. Game Simulation


Passing games and drills are used by all pro football leagues (NFL, CFL, AFL), every college and highs school as part off their offseason training. If you’re a skill position player there is not a better way to simulate the game and build IQ.


3. Repetition


The more repetition you get at a skill the sharper your skill becomes. PFC gives you an opportunity to fine-tune your skills during the offseason when the most gains are made. Whether it’s the Quarterbacks getting rid of the ball quickly and on time anticipating throws, Receivers running the routes correctly by cutting off of the correct foot and catching the ball using their hands or Defensive backs covering correctly without contact using the proper footwork to guard an opponent.  PFC gives them an opportunity to excel in their skill position.


5. Competition


Competition breeds excellence! Giving our athletes a platform where they can test and sharpen their skills in the off-season helps them learn what they need to work on to get better. Competition pushes them to work harder to reach their full potential applying the skills and conditioning they practice every day.


6. Safety of Competition


Safety is very important to PFC.  When competing in passing tournaments there are rules and regulations that prohibit contact to provide freedom of movement and safety to all participants. This makes the game optimal for learning skills.


7. Conditioning


The fast-paced style of training keeps you fit all year. There is no downtime to lose skills and conditioning that your athlete has worked hard to achieve.  Greater gains can be made year to year when a certain level of fitness is maintained.  Players who remain in excellent cardio shape are able to build the muscle endurance needed to play football at higher levels. Quarterbacks who throw year around increase their arm strength and accuracy. Receivers, who train and compete year round running routes, break harder and sharper. Correct repetition is the key to any athletes’ success.  Through repetition an athlete’s movements will become second nature giving them an edge over athletes who only train and compete during the season.


8. Excitement


The offseason is the time when competitive athletes widen the gap between themselves and other less dedicated athletes.  PFC is a great opportunity for your athlete to build muscle memory, strength, speed, and football IQ. Players have a lot of fun and develop quicker because they handle the ball more. The PFC program provides more touchdowns and big plays during competition because of the structure of the program.  Participation in PFC gives your athlete the opportunity to train year round thus building more skill and confidence through increased experience.


The Program Details


Ages: 6th-12th

Skill Positions: (QB, RB, WR, LB, DB)

Practices: Athletes will practice once a week on Sunday from 11:00am-1:00pm.

Competitions: Athletes will compete in 3 on 3, 5 on 5, and 7 on 7 competitions. 

Price: $65 (monthly) Free to PreGame Fitness Members

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