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Speed and Agility Coach vs. Strength and Conditioning Coach

Like personal trainers and group exercise instructors, Speed and Agility Coaches and Strength and Conditioning Coaching is an amazingly fulfilling profession with exciting career prospects and the chance to make a difference in so many lives. Coaches are generally found to love athletics, working out and learning all there is to learn about fitness and health. Becoming a certified coach gives us the knowledge, specialization and expertise to help you become better at the sports you want to play. Coaching is a very competitive career path. And these are the two types of coaches commonly employed by sports teams:

Bozeman speed training

Speed and Agility Coaches

The main responsibility of Speed and Agility Coaches is to develop workouts for athletes to improve speed and sports performance. These exercises help them become quicker, better and faster athletes in their sports. It all starts with an initial assessment of their athleticism and capabilities. Then the coach designs customized exercise and workouts that follow pretty strict training schedules that help them become even better and achieve goals. The creation of these workout routines not only factors in exercises but also takes into account drill times and recovery time to ensure an all-around approach to becoming faster. Think of a speed coach like a position coach in various sports. Speed and movement are his position.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches

These guys help their clients improve fitness. From your personal trainer to your gym’s group exercise instructors, all of them are trained as strength and conditioning coaches. Their main focus is always on improving the performance or skill involved in the weight room, as opposed to the speed. This is why athletes are mostly found working with strength and conditioning coaches. These coaches have their clients working with weightlifting equipment more than anything else because strength and power are essential to victory for a majority of athletes.

And There Are Plenty Of Similarities…

Exercise programs are fairly rigorous. And both types of coaches have their work cut out for them, getting athletes to train as hard as possible. They need to be good motivators and managers. These coaches work with a diverse range of clientele with unique goals, sports, backgrounds and training needs differentiating them. This mandates the coaches to ensure that they remain perceptive and alert at all times during the training period.

The two types of coaches may use some of the same drills when speed training is required. However the approach is different. The strength and conditioning coach will use the drills to train the energy systems (conditioning) of the athlete even if the athlete has bad movement and form, whereas Speed coaches really focus in on movement, mechanics and the techniques of the running, sprinting, reaction and change of direction as well as energy systems.

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