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Benefits of Speed and Agility Training

There are many benefits of speed and agility training. Some benefits of Speed and agility training include an increase in athleticism, an increase in confidence and improvement of fitness levels just to name a few. Speed and agility workouts compliment and improve performance of all sports. The workouts improve acceleration, deceleration, foot speed, quickness and change of direction. If you want to get better at a sport you must develop your overall athleticism. Building an athletic foundation and motor skills is key and gives you the base to build your sport-specific skills in a balanced way. For those kids who play one sport it provides the opportunity to get faster, stronger and more skilled without risking overuse injuries due to using the same motions.

Any athlete who has been injured will tell you injuries suck. By using proven and studied methods like strengthening, stretching and body awareness exercises athletes will learn how to avoid vulnerable positions and they will stay on the field or court longer and avoid watching from the sidelines due to injury.

Speed and agility training increases the athlete’s ability to move fast. This ability will help the athlete raise their game. There is a common term that’s used in sports “Speed Kills” and it is used for good reason. That is because the fast athlete usually dominates. Practicing speed and agility drills will give your athletes the jump over the competition. These workouts are essential to developing athletic skills, reducing injury, and building confidence. The great thing about speed and agility training is even if you are not an athlete, your overall fitness levels will improve greatly when you add a speed and agility regimen to your workouts.

Some examples of speed and agility drills are sprints, ladder drills and plyometrics. Be sure to warm up and cool down properly before and after engaging in speed and agility workouts.

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