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Do You Need An Extra Boost of Power?

Do You Need An Extra Boost of Power? Try Screaming!!!


When you need to exert more force to jump, throw, or sprint release a scream or grunt at the most explosive part of the movement. Grunting may be a quick way to improve performance and give you the extra boost that is needed. Grunting doesn’t always have to be as loud as possible but just enough to release energy the body has built up. Popular sports where you would hear grunting include Olympic sports such as throwing, jumping, and weight lifting as well as Boxing, Tennis, and Martial Arts. According to Sports Science, grunting can add up to a 29% increase in power in athletes. “Power moving sports require physics, body chemistry, and performance psychology; and a scream can enhance all three.” Grunting works by releasing adrenaline into the brain and raising the heart rate. This energy can then be transferred to the extremities to deliver huge forces to a target or opponent.

Grunting may help you

  • Relax

  • Stabilize the core

  • Control breathing

  • Focus

  • Increase strength

So the next time you want to raise your performance just let out a battle cry to exert as much energy as you can!

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