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3 Drills to Improve Speed and Foot Quickness

3 Drills to Improve Speed and Foot Quickness

Below are three drills to improve foot speed and quickness. Performing this routine is a great way to get your brain and muscles thinking about moving fast. These drills are best used after a dynamic warm up when you have already risen your core temperature and used as a primer before a speed session.

Reps: 2-3x for 3-4 seconds

  • Quick steps

Quick steps drill can be used to enhance foot quickness and minimizing ground contact time. Be sure to get your upper body involved, keeping your arms close to your body, pumping them as fast as you can in a drum beating fashion.

Procedure: On this drill you want to start off in an easy rhythmic bounce, alternating your feet. Take a deep breath, then on the exhale take as many steps as you can, as fast as you can, stepping over your ankles for about 5 yards.

  • Switches

The second drill, switches, are good for getting the hip flexors, hamstrings, and glutes fired up, and to simulate the action of sprinting. Keys to this drill are to make sure you have good arm swings, keep your core tight, and swing your legs from the hips.

Procedure: We want to start off in a line straddling, stagger stance (place one foot in front of the other). Start off nice and easy with a quick bounce, alternating your feet over the line. Take a deep breath, then on the exhale move as fast as you can. Again make sure your arms and shoulders are involved.

  • Lateral quick hops

Lateral quick hops are great for lateral foot speed and quickness. It’s also good for hip quckness as well as the hip adductors and abductors. Again the drill is used to prime the nervous system to move fast.

Procedure: In an athletic position with two feet on the same side perform a nice and easy bounce side to side over the line, while sinking the hips with a bend in the knees. Take a deep breath and on the exhale perform the drill as fast as you can.

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